Why your website content needs to resonate with your audience

When building a website, blog or when creating your social profile and presence a lot of factors need to be considered. These factors determine what impact your content will make when it meets the eyes of your audience. Your website can have the best design, be easy to navigate, load quickly and even have the best high quality images and icons, but without content that interests your Audience all the aforementioned factors would still make  little to no difference in marketing success.  

To create good content you need to understand who your target audience is, what they need and what value your product or service will provide for them. The essential function of a website is to win over your audience and make them take action either by clicking your funnel or buying your product or service. It is therefore important to streamline your content in a way that it is directly relevant to your audience. Your website content needs to be impactful, it has to be carefully crafted to explain the facts and feelings behind the brand, business, product or service. Your content should supply information or entertainment that your audience find relevant, usable and valuable. 


There is no vetted method to create sublime content that does not involve firstly getting a perfect understanding of who the target Audience is, you need to firstly understand major factors like age group, purchase history and patterns, location, social affiliations, beliefs etc. These factors will help you create content that will eventually hit the mark with your readers. For most businesses the target audience is also the consumer of their product or service, so once the content is perfect, sales will drastically improve. 

To understand who your audience is you need to think about who needs your product or service and who is most likely to pay for it. You should also not forget to analyze demographic statistics, social accounts and reports so that you can easily identify your customer base. Once this is done, you can proceed to create content specifically for them. 


Your website content should be very compelling. Compelling content prompts the reader to take action, and this is best done with the use of catchy Call to action phrases. Because you have already identified who your audience is, and what their expectations and viewpoints are, you should simultaneously offer them results that they want using these CTA’s. 

Make use of different tones and verbiage when creating content targeted at a specific audience. Would you talk to a parent, child or teenager the same way you talk to a businessman? The Voice that your content embodies is also very important, deliver your content in a voice and pattern that is relatable to your audience.  Content that resonates with your readers  will make them want to share it with their friends, so watch share statistics on social media for this indication. Your website’s visits should also increase as current visitors return for more, and new readers get to discover your content.

If you discover that your website statistics are not growing, social media following is low, and your audience is not specific, it is definitely right to make some drastic adjustments to your content. Great website content that resonates with your audience is important  to build a relationship with your customers. From there, you can build a relationship based on trust and simultaneously develop your customer base.

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