What is Growth Marketing and why is it so important for growing your business?

Growth marketing

The web is growing every second as more and more people consume media and products online. Therefore, all inquiring eyes are on digital marketing, web analytics and online sales – which are the skills that are in demand but lacking in many companies and agencies. Today, the network is large and congested, but as a growth marketer, it is easier to learn about all the new threads and see the possibilities when other companies only see endless challenges.

In short, one could say that growth marketing is based on using data as a basis for creating communication that leads to growth. One of many goals as a growth marketer is to turn low-performing marketing into high-performing by identifying problems within companies’ marketing funnel using strategic analysis.

What is a growth marketer?

A growth marketer strives to track different customer behavior in order to be able to predict potential customers and purchases through analysis & forecasts. Therefore, one could say that the growth marketer acts as the link between customer, target group and increased growth. Through knowledge and analysis of a website’s users’ behavior, a growth marketer are able to put big plans into action to increase the customer’s digital sales in both the short and long term. Having an eye for key figures and knowing what different numbers mean are crucial as a growth marketer. By measuring and reviewing it is more likely for a company to convert even more customers through data-driven insights as one gets to know the customer behind the screen as a best friend. You could therefore say that a growth marketer is the digital marketer every company wishes they had at home.

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