Lead Generation

Let Us Help You Convert Your Web Traffic Into Active Leads


From Prospects to Customers

We operate with selected lead generation tools of modern marketing. From creating awareness and sourcing prospects to convert them into hot leads. And by doing the legwork, they will become your greatest ambassadors.

We call this chain the E.C.C.D (Engage, Convert, Close, Delight). Through these four steps you will receive a happy, satisfied client that will attract new customers to your business.


We are experts at converting your website traffic and general recognition into actionable leads that can be useful for your client database. Our technological advantage gives us the ability to use various methods to obtain new leads and break them down with reference to their engagement potentials so that your firm can get maximum utility when necessary. We also provide campaign services that augment the lead generation process. 



Our professional teams of marketing experts are well equipped to design captivating and compelling content that attracts and converts your leads. We often use guides, eBooks, workbooks, and checklists as lead magnets at the top of the funnel or simply to educate a buyer early on their journey with your business or brand.


Most businesses often struggle with converting their website traffic into leads and then simultaneously into purchases. With Increasor Tech’s conversion rate optimization can be drastically improved. We systematically leverage sequential testing to generate positive outcomes for your website’s key performance indicators. These services and many more can be offered as part of our custom marketing solutions


Because we are a progressive Digital Agency, we use technology to create and deliver customized experiences in the form of infographics. Assessments, quizzes, and social media bonuses. These techniques engage your leads at any stage of the purchase journey.

ECommerce Marketing

Interested in growing your customer list and increasing eCommerce sales with tested and trusted methods from Increasor Tech? Promotional calendars, email and SMS marketing, template building, A/B testing, and segmentation are some of the tactics that we employ.