Duplotryck was initially a physical print shop located in Stockholm without any Internet presence, which meant that they lost a high volume of customer value. After a change of ownership, it became relevant to move the platform to an increasing digital presence in order not to miss out on any potential customer group. What started as a physical printing house has in just a few years gone from functioning only physically to online B2B to now reshuffling and taking part in the market shares that exist in the B2C industry. 

The Challenge

One of the many challenges has mainly been to establish Duplotryck in a barely existing market. To completely niche the company from operating physically, to B2B and then additionally to B2C, which obviously has its own challenges, not least with both building a completely new platform but also establishing the brand on the market and attract new customers.

The Opportunity

In the same way, one of the challenges was to establish Duplotryck in a virtually non-existent market, so we developed a sublime solution that would yield quick results. By establishing Duplotryck early in a market that was not very large in Sweden, it was possible to build up a loyal customer group at an early stage and gain advantageous market shares.

The Result

From having a few customers in a physical store, Duplotryck has gone on to have an established target group and now also stands as a strong challenger to other B2C companies in the industry.

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