Doktor Hemma

Doktor Hemma offers service-oriented and high-quality healthcare in Stockholm County. They have a wide range of services where they come to your home and treat you as a patient and offer medical care directly on site instead of you having to come to them. 

The Challenge

Due to Covid -19 the demand for medical services increased radically, which gave Doktor Hemma, who had otherwise been alone in its industry, new competition in the market. The challenge they were faced with then was to highlight their range and many years of experience compared to the new companies and take back their leading position in the market.

The Opportunity

By using the strength of paid advertising on Facebook we saw an opportunity to gain more visitors and acquire a wider range of traffic towards Facebook reaches 59% of the world’s social networking population and is the only social platform to reach more than half of all social media users. Facebook also has the most ads & highest CTR which made it an obvious source of advertising for Doktor Hemma’s services.

The Result

Together with our marketing team and the team at Doktor Hemma we have really made a wonderful growth journey that has provided an increase in traffic acquisition. The traffic towards did not only generate qualified leads, but it also increased traffic by more than 4x times.

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