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The innovative digital company in the heart of Stockholm, we believe that work and fun can be combined


Meet some of the people that make Increasor Tech what it is

Increasor Tech is held firm by her people, we are aware of our differences as well as the strength we have in Unity. We are focused on creating an enabling environment that respects different perspectives. We acknowledge our differences as well as our combined strengths. We know creating an environment that values diverse perspectives and backgrounds is what enables us to have more innovative ideas and best serve our customers.

Our Employee Value Proposition


We value each other. Your level, experience, wage, or social class does not matter here at Increasor Tech, everyone has a voice here. We strive to ensure that every employee is empowered to be relaxed, mentally healthy, and motivated. We are invested in sharing and teaching, personal development, and career growth. With Increasor Tech there is always an opportunity to move up the ladder. Grab a chair and join the conversation.


We are goal chasers at Increasor Tech, we are never afraid to explore, innovate and even if we hit hurdles along the way, we help ourselves back up. We love our Jobs and we feel strongly about the brilliance of the Team that we have. We are a family of like-minded people.


If you work for Increasor Tech, then you work for what you believe in. As a family, we are inclined to see you elevate and as you do so you will get all the support you need to make an Impact. We value your work and we will compensate you accordingly. You are our beacon to the rest of the world.


We love people, and we love our people more. At Increasor Tech we cherish the value that people provide for us. We know the amount of energy that goes into creating and building from scratch, so we operate to ensure that our people are well taken care of. Nobody goes through the crack, everyone matters here at Spratttlevann.


Focus, transparency, and positivity are essential to us; We love people who are dedicated to their tasks, people who work with a transparent approach and a positive lifestyle. We love communication as good communication makes a lot of our processes faster and more efficient. Equality is vital, therefore we do not tolerate any form of disrespect or racism no matter the position you occupy.


We are who we are because of the services that we provide to our esteemed clients. Value is what we provide and we are motivated to do our best that we satisfy their needs according to our capacity. Our clients are important and so we treat them with great respect and importance.

This Agency is a subsidiary of the parent company Increasor Tech Invest AB. Increasor uses smart solutions to solve business problems while also investing in traditional businesses where digital solutions are applicable. Our model is to grow through acquisitions and become a first choice as a growth accelerator for many start-ups.

A unique opportunity

We at Increasor Tech Agency AB put great value towards personal characteristics, analytical abilities, personal creative will, and result-oriented people. We value people who can collaborate, have the flexibility to handle the unpredictable, and be solution-oriented. We are a rational organization where we expect our employees to be able to be ambitious but also work on their terms.

Workplace & Culture

Welcome to Increasor Tech Agency AB! The innovative Digital company in the heart of Stockholm, we believe that Work And Fun can be combined! We recently moved into our brand new office space that is equipped with smart technology and a premium interior. Our management team has made conscious efforts to create a friendly environment for her staff, while also implementing an infrastructure that will enhance creativity and make work easier.

Why work with the Agency?

Increasor Tech Agency AB is a fast-growing cloud-based company that is dedicated to making a change through innovative IT solutions. If you want to be a part of a fast-moving team of highly talented people then Increasor Tech Agency AB is the place for you. Working at Increasor Tech Agency AB allows you to develop by constantly getting exposed to cutting edge technology in an environment that allows you to grow.

Our Team


CEO & Founder


Project Leader Growth Marketing


Content Manager

Olutobi Adekoya



SEM / SEO Expert


Lead Design


Junior Designer


Project Manager


Head Developer


Senior Developer


Senior Developer


Junior Developer

What our people love
about our way

I am proud that I work in such a fast-growth company, where every member feels that he is important and feels the support and growth every day! Increasor – is a great area for self-development where we all focus on the results and help each other to be better than yesterday every day!


Project Manager

I have always wanted like minded people around me, I need such people to share my vision and ideas. It never feels like a job, it feels like a dream come true, a dream filled with happy people who always do their best to satisfy their happy customers. We are indeed a family here.


Project Leader Growth Marketing

Increasor Tech Agency AB was founded with the ambition to help other companies reach their full potential. We are dedicated to provide your business with the tools you need in order to keep up with the latest within digital marketing, IT and design.


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