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The history behind the brand


Increasor Tech was born in 2018, the management had long been dedicated to helping industries harness the power of technology concerning growth and development, their discovery led them to understand that most firms were struggling with proper digital marketing, IT Solutions, designs, and business creativity. So, together with our team and with more than a decade of experience spanning three continents, we decided to create a solution to take care of these areas virtually for such Firms.

Our growth process

We are living in a globalized digital world, and we understand that the worldwide demand for top-tier developers is gigantic already, this demand would certainly continue to expand. Although, several researchers concluded that the solutions that exist for business innovation and growth were not streamlined to be sustainable or efficient. Increasor Tech thus embarked on a mission to create value for organizations and firms in the digital world. 

Now is the time to evolve and enjoy the benefits of the unparalleled level of connectivity and automation that is going on all around us.

Increasor Tech Agency AB decided to ensure that we create solutions across several business areas especially in security, admin, and management. Our approach allows us to combine digital marketing, IT Solutions, design, and creativity comprehensively and simply for businesses.

We are looking to continuously offer support and the reliability of traditional consultancy, transparency, flexibility, and broadness all at a reasonable price. As a well-grounded business, we find it paramount to operate with integrity and safeguard our client’s data using the right team and expertise.

Why work with Increasor Tech?

Increasor Tech is a consulting firm focused on Digital Marketing, IT Solutions, Design, and Creativity, we use these premium service offerings to connect top expertise with clients worldwide.

In over more than a decade we have amassed great experience within the Digital and creative solutions department, and now we are focused on helping our clients build their businesses by providing outsourcing solutions, high performance distributed teams, strategic IT solutions as well as privacy programs, and data protection.

Besides, Increasor Tech also develops their products, which has resulted in further expertise within different fields, for example, leads generation, online marketing, and e-commerce. We use a customized and unique qualification process to gather and offer only the best developers and services available. Our Agency is based in Sweden, Ukraine, and India with global customers and world-class talent.

Increasor Tech Agency AB was founded with the ambition to help other companies reach their full potential. We are dedicated to provide your business with the tools you need in order to keep up with the latest within digital marketing, IT and design.


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