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We are a Tech driven consultancy agency that focuses on providing strategic IT Solutions, Digital Marketing Options, Design and creativity expertise to our Clients Worldwide.  We systematically provide professional and reliable expertise in different business fields for our clients.  

In over a decade,  we have amassed substantial experience within the IT department from different sectors . Now we deliver  needed help to our clients by providing outsourcing solutions, high performance distributed teams, strategic IT solutions as well as privacy programs and data protection. 

Our Tech Agency uses a customized and unique qualification process to gather and offer only the best developers and services available. Increasor Tech Agency AB is based in Sweden, Ukraine and India with global customers and cutting edge expertise.

Slide Doktor Hemma offers service-oriented and high-quality healthcare in Stockholm County. They have a wide range of services where they come to your home and treat you as a patient and due to Covid – 19 the demand for medical services increased radically, which gave Doktor Hemma, who had otherwise been alone in it’s industry, new competition in the market. Check out how we managed to increase their traffic 4x! READ MORE Slide Duplotryck was initially a physical print shop located in Stockholm without any Internet presence, which meant that they lost a high volume of customer value. After a change of ownership, it became relevant to move the platform to an increasing digital presence in order not to miss out on any potential customer group. What started as a physical printing house has in just a few years gone from functioning only physically to online B2B to now reshuffling and taking part in the market shares that exist in the B2C industry. READ MORE Our Portfolio

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Increasor Tech Agency AB was founded with the ambition to help other companies reach their full potential. We are dedicated to provide your business with the tools you need in order to keep up with the latest within digital marketing, IT and design.


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