Report: 2 months after acquisition of print shop


“It feels very much longer than two months considering how much has happened.” Says Andreas Sjöstedt, CEO of the recently acquired company that will become a platform for the business. Andreas continues; “In just two months, we have gone from quite novice in press & print to now maintaining a very satisfactory level in the craft industry as well as business flow and customer management. That it is almost just happy calls from customers both in the printing press and in the customer service exchange, we can not see in any other way than that what we do is good. We have also done a lot of upgrades of the machinery during this time to be able to meet customer requests that we have not previously had the opportunity to do, also to increase customer satisfaction ”.

Brand new e-commerce platform

During the same two months, has implemented a completely new e-commerce platform that has significantly simplified the order flow while at the same time increasing the product range. “A tough task to carry out while taking over the operation for the acquisition but in some way it has actually worked beyond expectations,” says Andreas, pointing out that the new e-commerce platform at is well worth testing.

The strategy ahead

The strategy ahead is crystal clear! The goal is to become a player in the advertising industry to count on. The first strategic steps are taken, to weave e-commerce with the physical store and the printing plant, a blameless order flow and customer management are also in place. We see that more volume-intensive customers have gained confidence in and are looking for us, and we need to work more to create stability in the business while keeping customer satisfaction and professionalism as a very high priority measured value in the business.

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