NEWS acquires enriched print shop at Kungsholmen

10:00 am

Press Release

Stockholm 2019-09-05

The incubator company Sprattlevann AB announces that it has completed an acquisition of a wholly owned subsidiary. The purpose of the acquisition is to incorporate the activities carried out in project form in the company under the working name

Admission date is September 1, 2019.

The acquired company is an enriched and full-fledged printing company with business premises at Kungsholmen in central Stockholm. The company was founded in 1991 and has since been run by the same owner, who has built up a very solid customer register both in […]

Latest Project – Exposure where you need it!

6:59 pm

Sprattlevann can proudly inform that we just launched our latest project.

This project is all about the future of companies. Exponera will help companies to get more and new traffic, in addition of the old recurring ones.
Exponera helps companies with everything from physical exposure, with facade signs or business cards to digital exposure, where they can help companies with ad-words, facebook marketing and e-mail marketing, to name a few.

Their website is close to launching so hit them up at for more information […]

Project plan for

10:00 am

An overall project plan that includes a timetable and budget has been prepared in recent weeks.

The overall areas are as follows
Completion of project plan 2019-01-31
Project team assembled and contracted 2019-02-28
Website BETA version excluding CRM and check-out 2019-03-31
Primary suppliers contracted on 2019-04-30
Website complete including CRM and checkout (full functionality) 2019-04-15
Secondary suppliers contracted on 2019-05-15
Set of campaign structure and marketing channels ready 2019-05-31
End to […]

New project – Up and coming record label

6:44 pm

Sprattlevann just launched our first project with Dunk Studios.

Dunk Studios has a ground breaking idea where they focus on the new, the talented, the unknown artists instead of signing them when they are blowing up.
Dunk Studios guide the young to their future by helping them get in contact with the right people at the right time in their career. So that they get the straightest line that the industry can offer.

If you are intrigued to know more about Dunk Studios, click here!

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