We are the new generation of incubators!

Sprattlevann were founded in 2018 by Andreas Sjöstedt and Mattias Ahlberg.

Our vision is to become the most flexible and efficient start-up partner the world have ever seen.
Our mission is to never stop develop our ways of acting, our ways of thinking and our ways of performing.

We are working with business ideas, both our own and also partners with a set goal to make it fly on it´s own and once there, we corporize it!

And never ever give up!

We are located in Sweden, Central Stockholm as the headquarters, but employees and contractors are all around the world.

Our absolute strengths are

Disruptive thinking

Disruptive thinking

Not many ideas of today are actually new! They are just packaged in a new way or from a new angle! We are experts in turning business models from something mediocre to a complete success!

Investor Relations

Investor Relations

We do have a broad experience and knowledge in communicating with shareholders, regulators and other stakeholders in public companies. We mean that communication are at least as important as the actual performance for a company on the stock market.