Exponera.nu acquires enriched print shop at Kungsholmen


Press Release

Stockholm 2019-09-05

The incubator company Sprattlevann AB announces that it has completed an acquisition of a wholly owned subsidiary. The purpose of the acquisition is to incorporate the activities carried out in project form in the company under the working name Exponera.nu.

Admission date is September 1, 2019.

The acquired company is an enriched and full-fledged printing company with business premises at Kungsholmen in central Stockholm. The company was founded in 1991 and has since been run by the same owner, who has built up a very solid customer register both in the local area and nationally. At an Extraordinary General Meeting in 190901, it was resolved that the Board of Directors shall consist of Andreas Sjöstedt and Mattias Ahlberg as ordinary members and Andreas Sjöstedt has been appointed CEO.

Acting CEO Andreas Sjöstedt comments on the acquisition: – “A big step for both the incubator Sprattlevann and the previous project Exponera.nu, in line with the business plan Sprattlevann is working on. We have worked hard on the development of Exponera.nu during the spring and summer, the business is ready to stand on its own and instead of forming a new company we acquired a nice and well-managed company in the industry. The company has a business premises, centrally located in Stockholm in a good sign location, with a full-fledged printing plant and a large customer register. It really suited us perfectly. We are then fully operational on Monday. I see a huge potential in the company and the first tasks for me as CEO are to maintain the good customer reputation we have, increase sales significantly by processing the customer register, new sales and, not least, implementing all other products from Exponera.nu. The acquired business has a production capacity far greater than what has been used in recent years. We will continue our journey towards becoming the Nordic region’s most attractive supplier of everything in advertising! ”, Concludes Andreas.

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